What is another word for springy?

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Springy is an adjective that describes something that is flexible, resilient, and has the ability to bounce back. Synonyms of springy include elastic, bouncy, lively, supple, resilient, sprightly, spirited, and buoyant. Elasticity is the property of material that allows it to stretch and return to its original shape. Bouncy is a term used to describe something that is light and able to bounce. Lively denotes energy and enthusiasm, while supple refers to flexibility and pliability. Resilient is used to describe something that can withstand difficult situations and adapt to change. Sprightly denotes liveliness and energy, while buoyant refers to something that can float or stay afloat.

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How to use "Springy" in context?

Experts say that springy is the perfect word to describe a material that gives when pressure is applied. This bouncy quality is why bouncy balls are so popular - they rebound back to their original shape after being pressed. Bulky materials, on the other hand, tend to resist compression and don't bounce back as easily.

While springiness is most commonly associated with materials like bouncy balls, it can also be found in more rigid objects like springs. Engineers use springiness to create products that are easy to use but also sturdy enough to resist wear and tear.

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