What is another word for muscular?

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When we use the word "muscular", we typically associate it with someone who has well-developed and strong muscles. However, there are several synonyms for this word that can help us describe muscularity in different ways. For instance, robust, brawny, beefy, sinewy, burly, powerful, hulking, and ripped are just some examples of synonyms that can be used to describe someone who is muscular. Depending on the context in which the word is used, different synonyms may be more appropriate. For example, "robust" and "powerful" may be used to describe a bodybuilder's physique, while "sinewy" and "brawny" may be used to describe the muscular build of an athlete.

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What are the opposite words for muscular?

The word muscular refers to having well-developed muscles or being strong physically. Its antonyms are weak, feeble, fragile, and flabby. The term weak is the opposite of muscular in terms of strength, while feeble describes someone who is sickly or frail. Fragile means delicate and vulnerable, which is not associated with being muscular. Flabby refers to someone who is weak or out of shape, and the lack of muscle tone. These words highlight the importance of physical fitness and strength training. By incorporating exercises into a daily routine, one can avoid being weak, feeble, fragile or flabby, and attain muscularity, vigor, and vitality.

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