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Plastic is a term that can encompass a broad range of materials, from synthetic polymers to hydrocarbons. However, there are various synonyms available that can help in a precise description of plastic products. Some of these synonyms include "polymer," "resin," "synthetic," "synthetic resin," "thermoplastic," and "polycarbonate." For instance, the term "polymer" refers to the molecular structure of plastic, while "resin" describes its solid-state form. "Synthetic resin" emphasizes the human-made nature of the plastic. In contrast, "thermoplastic" highlights the material's ability to be softened and reshaped through the application of heat. Comprehending these diverse terms can help one speak more precisely about different types of plastic and their specific usages.

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How to use "Plastic" in context?

Plastic is one of the most common materials on earth. It is made from oil and gas, and it can be used to make products that we use every day, like bags and bottles.

We use plastic to make products that we can use over and over again. It is often very durable, and it is easy to clean.

We use plastic to make products that we can trade for other things. For example, we can trade plastic products for food.

We use plastic to make products that we can dispose of. For example, we can throw away plastic products that are no longer useful.

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