What is another word for unsympathetic?

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[ ʌnsˌɪmpəθˈɛtɪk], [ ʌnsˌɪmpəθˈɛtɪk], [ ʌ_n_s_ˌɪ_m_p_ə_θ_ˈɛ_t_ɪ_k]

Synonyms for Unsympathetic:

insensitive (adjective) pitiless (adjective) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Unsympathetic:

  1. prophetic, pathetic, homiletic, synthetic, magnetic, energetic, hyperkinetic, empathetic, poetic, diuretic, kinetic, sympathetic, genetic, kinesthetic, peripatetic;
  2. emetic, frenetic, ascetic, aesthetic, cosmetic, athletic;
  3. alphabetic, anesthetic, arithmetic, apathetic, dietetic, diabetic;
  4. apologetic;
  5. parthenogenetic, unapologetic, parasympathetic, electromagnetic;

Quotes for Unsympathetic:

  1. I wanted readers to be genuinely unsure as to whether she's telling the truth or lying. It meant making her partly sympathetic, and partly unsympathetic which wasn't easy. Lee Child.
  2. I think for being not unsympathetic that their appearance may also appear, so differently it, must; similarly as with animals, which meet us in very different forms, which look somehow harmonious however all. On exactly such forms I would stand. Ulrich Walter.