What is another word for stillborn?

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The word "stillborn" is a heart-wrenching term used to describe a baby that is born without any sign of life. However, there are other words one can use to describe this difficult situation, such as "lifeless," "unborn," "inert," "lifelessly delivered," and "nonviable." Each of these words conveys the tragic loss and grief that is associated with the birth of a stillborn baby. While the loss of a child is difficult to put into words, finding alternate synonyms can help individuals express their emotions and cope with their grief in their own unique way.

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      neonatal death, Premature Birth, perinatal death, fetal demise, fetal loss, intrauterine death, intrauterine fetal death, miscarried fetus.

    What are the opposite words for stillborn?

    Stillborn, a tragic term used to define a baby who has died before or during delivery, is a painful experience for any parent. However, there are antonyms that can help them find solace in the memory of their little angel. Words like alive, thriving, lively, animated, and vivacious are few of the antonyms that help to bring joy to the parents who are experiencing the loss of their baby. These words can help parents to focus on the positive things that they had during their pregnancy, like the movements of the fetus, and remember their baby as a lively being. Although stillborn is a heart-wrenching experience, antonyms help to bring hope and comfort to grieving parents.

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    Usage examples for Stillborn

    But he was so easily master of himself that the impulse to "draw" died stillborn.
    "Brand Blotters"
    William MacLeod Raine
    The novelist seems to have crept into the inmost recesses of that uneasy consciousness, to have probed the most sensitive spots of that diseased vanity, and to lay bare before our eyes the dull labour of a brain whose ideas are stillborn.
    "George Eliot"
    Mathilde Blind
    Seldom had he seen a woman more beautiful; and he stood silent, the words he had been about to speak dying stillborn on his lips.
    "The Castle Inn"
    Stanley John Weyman

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