What is another word for negate?

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Negate is a word that means to nullify something or to deny its existence. There are many synonyms for the word negate, including cancel, refute, annul, invalidate, contradict, disprove, and counteract. All of these words imply the idea of negation or refusal. Cancel often suggests the idea of rendering something ineffective or making it null and void. Refute and disprove imply the act of proving something to be false. Annul and invalidate imply the idea of nullifying or voiding something, while contradict and counteract suggest the idea of opposing something or rendering it ineffective. All in all, these synonyms can be used interchangeably depending on the context and the intended meaning of the sentence.

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    Negate, which means to nullify, invalidate, or deny the existence of something, has several antonyms. One of its antonyms is affirm, which means to validate or confirm the existence of something. Another antonym is approve, which means to accept or validate something officially. Approve's opposite is disapprove, which means to reject or invalidate something. Similarly, another antonym of negate is confirm, which means to establish the truth or existence of something. Opposite to confirm is refute, which means to prove something as false or incorrect. Lastly, one of the antonyms for negate is support, which means to aid or reinforce something. Its opposite is oppose, which means to go against or reject something.

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    Usage examples for Negate

    If we negate the nation-state, then of course there are no "citizens," and what remains is a group of people known as an ethnic group or race.
    Nakashima, Tadashi
    Meanwhile I take delight, or shall take delight, in any efforts you may make to negate all superhuman consciousness, for only by these counter-attempts can a finally satisfactory modus vivendi be reached.
    "The Letters of William James, Vol. II"
    William James
    New facts are brought to perception, which either corroborate the idea that a change of weather is imminent, or negate it.
    "How We Think"
    John Dewey

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