What is another word for newborn?

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A newborn is a term used for a baby that has just been born. There are several other synonyms that can be used to describe a newborn baby such as an infant, a neonate, or a new arrival. The word baby is another common synonym for newborn. Other synonyms include a bundle of joy, a little one, a precious soul, a cherub, or a miracle. These synonyms reflect the joy, innocence, and fragility of a newborn baby. Whether it is called a baby, an infant, or a cherub, a newborn is a precious little being that brings immense happiness to those around them.

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    A newborn is a baby who has not yet reached full maturity and is relatively new to the world. Newborns come in all shapes and sizes and generally weigh less than four pounds. Newborns need a great deal of nourishment and care in order to grow and thrive. Newborns should be checked regularly for any signs of sickness or injury, and they should be kept warm and comfortable.

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