What is another word for pall?

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The word "pall" can be used in multiple contexts and has various synonyms. In the context of a sense of boredom or weariness, some synonyms of "pall" include ennui, tedium, monotony, and drudgery. If referring to a cloak or covering, some synonyms of "pall" include shroud, veil, mantle, and gown. In the context of a funeral procession, "pall" can be replaced with catafalque, bier, hearse, or casket. "Pall" can also refer to a feeling of gloom or sadness, in which case some synonyms include melancholy, grief, desolation, and sorrow. Synonyms allow writers and speakers to diversify their language and more precisely convey their intended meanings.

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    A pall is an oppressive and highly formal type of dress worn by men and women. It is a knee-length dress that typically has a high collar and is edged in lace or other frills. A pall is often worn for formal events such as funerals, weddings, or other special occasions.

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