What is another word for the latest?

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[ ðə lˈe͡ɪtəst], [ ðə lˈe‍ɪtəst], [ ð_ə l_ˈeɪ_t_ə_s_t]

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    How to use "The latest" in context?

    The latest in Entertainment

    There's always something new to watch and hear in the entertainment industry. In the past few months, new TV shows and movies have been released, and there are new games and software being developed. Here are some of the latest entertainment headlines.

    Netflix released its newest TV show, "The Crown". The show is set in the early days of Queen Elizabeth II's reign and follows her life and relationships. "The Crown" has received widespread acclaim and has been topping the ratings charts.

    Another new TV show, "Mindhunter", is set to premiere on Netflix on October 13th.

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