What is another word for rumble?

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Rumble refers to a low, deep, and continuous sound that radiates in the air. Sometimes, using the same word repeatedly can make your sentences sound monotonous. To avoid that, you can use synonyms for the word "rumble." Some excellent alternatives include growl, grumble, roar, thunder, hum, buzz, rumble, and vibration. Growl is usually used to refer to the sound that animals such as lions or dogs make. Grumble, on the other hand, refers to a low-pitched noise caused by someone talking indistinctly or the noise from machinery. Roar is a loud, strong, and deep rumble, whereas thunder is defined as a loud, rumbling noise caused by atmospheric discharge.

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    A Rumble is a sudden vibration or movement of the ground or objects around it. This can be caused by something like an earthquake, avalanche, or even a monster. Rumbles can be serious and cause damage to buildings or even injure people.

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