What is another word for underrate?

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Underrate is a verb that means to underestimate or undervalue something or someone. There are several synonyms for underrate, and some of them include belittle, deprecate, diminish, disregard, downplay, ignore, underestimate, and undervalue. When you belittle something, you make it seem less important or valuable than it really is. Deprecating something means you criticize or speak negatively about it. When you diminish something, you make it seem less significant than it actually is. Ignoring something means you disregard its importance, while downplaying something means you make it seem less serious than it is. Underestimating and undervaluing something implies that you don't realize its true worth or potential.

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How to use "Underrate" in context?

Underrating can be defined as underestimating someone or something. It can also refer to overestimating someone or something. It is a common problem that people tend to do. Underrating someone can make them feel inferior. It can also make it difficult to work with that person. It can also lead to disappointment. Overshooting someone can make them feel like they are not good enough. It can also lead to feelings of incompetence.

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