What is another word for dispraise?

Pronunciation: [dɪspɹˈe͡ɪz] (IPA)

Dispraise is a word that describes criticism or negative comments towards something or someone. Some of the synonyms for dispraise include condemnation, deprecation, censure, reproach, and animadversion. Other words that can be used interchangeably with dispraise are fault-finding, denunciation, opprobrium, and detract. All of these words highlight a negative perspective towards the subject being criticized. They can be used in different contexts, such as criticizing someone's behavior, attitude, or work. It's important to choose the right synonym when expressing dispraise as it can convey a strong negative connotation that may have an impact on the recipient.

Synonyms for Dispraise:

What are the hypernyms for Dispraise?

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What are the hyponyms for Dispraise?

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What are the opposite words for dispraise?

Dispraise is a term used to express criticism or disapproval towards someone or something. Antonyms for dispraise include praise, commendation, applause, acclaim, approval, and adulation. Praise is the opposite of dispraise as it expresses admiration and approval towards someone or something for their achievements or qualities. Commendation is another antonym for dispraise, indicating admiration and appreciation towards someone's actions. Applause refers to showing approval or appreciation by clapping or cheering. Acclaim suggests enthusiastic approval or endorsement. Approval means giving a positive opinion or agreement to someone or something, and adulation means excessive admiration, flattery, or praise. Overall, dispraise and its antonyms represent the range of emotions one feels while evaluating someone or something.

Usage examples for Dispraise

It was his good fortune to be in the United States "when," he says, "the taste for Trilby became a passion, when the passion grew into a mania and the mania deepened into a madness," and he noted that in England the play and not the novel kindled the passion; though in the criticism of the novel, classed as it had been even in this country with the work of Thackeray, he could only recall one note of dispraise, "so earnest and scornful that, in its loneliness, it seemed to fall like the clatter of a steel glove in a house of prayer."
"George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians"
T. Martin Wood
While personally so popular that not one of their chroniclers has a word of dispraise for him, they could not forget that he was of a different race and religion, and he did not succeed in converting them to his ideas.
"The South American Republics Part I of II"
Thomas C. Dawson
Maurice Hinchford felt exceedingly uncomfortable under these continued attacks; still there was a novelty in all this dispraise and plain-speaking.
"Mattie:--A Stray (Vol 3 of 3)"
Frederick William Robinson

Famous quotes with Dispraise

  • The winds that blow our billions away return burdened with themes of scorn and dispraise.
    Garet Garrett
  • Thy praise or dispraise is to me alike; One doth not stroke me, nor the other strike.
    Ben Jonson
  • But whither am I strayed? I need not raise Trophies to thee from other men's dispraise; Nor is thy fame on lesser ruins built; Nor needs thy juster title the foul guilt Of Eastern kings, who, to secure their reign, Must have their brothers, sons, and kindred slain.
    John Denham

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