What is another word for play down?

Pronunciation: [plˈe͡ɪ dˈa͡ʊn] (IPA)

Play down is a phrasal verb that means to make something seem less important, trivial, or serious. There are several synonyms for this term, including minimize, downplay, de-emphasize, trivialize, belittle, underplay, lessen, and reduce. When we play down something, we try to make it look less significant than it actually is. This can be done intentionally or unintentionally. For example, a person might play down their achievements out of humility or play down a mistake they made to avoid scrutiny. On the other hand, playing down information can also be deceptive and manipulative. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of the context in which we use these synonyms.

Synonyms for Play down:

What are the hypernyms for Play down?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for play down?

The term "play down" means to minimize, reduce or underestimate the importance of something. The opposite of play down would be to magnify, emphasize or accentuate. To magnify means to make something larger, to emphasize means to show importance or focus on something, and to accentuate means to highlight, make something more noticeable or draw attention to it. These antonyms of "play down" can be very useful in situations where it's important to convey the full impact, importance or severity of something, as opposed to making it seem less significant.

What are the antonyms for Play down?

Famous quotes with Play down

  • Leaders are not pale reflectors of major social conflicts; they play up some, play down others, ignore still others.
    James MacGregor Burns
  • I strongly suggest that we play down basics like who influenced whom, and instead study the way the influence is transformed, in other words: how the artist made it his own.
    Lukas Foss
  • It's a unique situation as well because England is a small country, so it makes it easy for the fans to travel. If we play down in London, they get buses and we'll get three or four thousand fans come down. They'll all sit in the same area and show their support for the team.
    Claudio Reyna

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