What is another word for disable?

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The word "disable" often refers to something that has been made ineffective, non-functional or powerless. However, there are many other synonyms that can be used to describe the same concept. Some of these include "inhibit," "hinder," "impede," "prevent," "stymie," "prohibit," "restrict," "hamper," "obstruct," "thwart," "curtail," "cripple," "deactivate," "disqualify," and "weaken." Each of these words can be used to convey a slightly different meaning or nuance, but all of them ultimately describe something that has been made less effective in some way. Whether you are discussing a physical ailment or a technical issue, there are many synonyms for "disable" that can help you communicate your point more effectively.

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Disable is a valuable skill for anyone in the workforce. It allows employees to take a paid day off, without sacrificing their job security or pay. It also lets them return to work later with no difficulties.

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