What is another word for explores?

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Exploration is the act of discovering and investigating new places or concepts. When it comes to synonyms for "explores", there are numerous options to choose from that can enhance writing and communication. Some alternatives include "researches," "examines," "investigates," "dissects," and "delve into." Each of these terms refers to the active examination of a subject with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding. By using a variety of synonyms for "explores," writers and speakers can provide clarity and precision in their communication while avoiding overuse of the same term.

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Usage examples for Explores

Better far go out-of-doors, and drink in the exquisite sounds as they drop from the thick of some tall pine, while you catch now and then a glimpse of the tiny author, flitting busily from branch to branch, warbling at his work; or, as you may oftener do, look and listen to your heart's content, while he explores some low cedar or a cluster of roadside birches, too innocent and happy to heed your presence.
"Birds in the Bush"
Bradford Torrey
But to the earnest student who explores with thorough research and sympathetic mind the intellectual products of countries and times other than his own, the infinite variety, so strikingly apparent to the superficial observer, resolves itself into a beautiful and harmonious unity.
"Brief History of English and American Literature"
Henry A. Beers
With but a few minutes' rest on a storm-swept surface, it explores, without other relief for weeks, the double-night darkness of unknown depths under the frozen sea.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook

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