What is another word for wondering?

Pronunciation: [wˈʌndəɹɪŋ] (IPA)

Wondering is a verb that is used to describe a sense of confusion or curiosity about something. There are several synonyms for the word "wondering" that can be used to convey the same meaning. These synonyms include pondering, contemplating, musing, thinking, questioning, and reflecting. Each of these words suggests that there is some level of introspection or speculation involved, and that the person using the word is actively seeking answers or insights. Whether you are trying to describe your own thought process, or trying to understand someone else's, these synonyms can help you to articulate the sense of perplexity or curiosity that is at the root of wondering.

Synonyms for Wondering:

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What are the hypernyms for Wondering?

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What are the opposite words for wondering?

Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning to a particular word. For the word "wondering", its antonyms could be "knowing", "understanding", "certain", "confident", "convinced" or "assured". These antonyms indicate a level of certainty and confidence in a situation, rather than the uncertainty and questioning that "wondering" implies. When we are unsure about something, we may feel a sense of wonder or curiosity, but when we know something for sure, we no longer need to wonder. Therefore, understanding the antonyms of a word can help one communicate more effectively and precisely in any given situation.

Usage examples for Wondering

She lay wondering what Lingard had meant by those words-words which she had put into his mouth, and which he had uttered in the thick tones of a man who has lost control of himself, and who speaks scarce knowing what he says.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
So wondering, Athena suddenly made up her mind that there would be no necessity for her to go on knowing that lady.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
But she could not help wondering as she walked just how it would seem to be in the freshman class but not of it.
"Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
Pauline Lester

Famous quotes with Wondering

  • I'm really fascinated and you know I've been wondering about that usage of language, various breathing techniques and why in these practices language is being used in another way.
    Kathy Acker
  • I spent eighteen months as a graduate student in physics at Columbia University, waiting unhappily for an opportunity to work in a laboratory and wondering if I should continue in physics.
    Sidney Altman
  • Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.
    Saint Augustine
  • For too long, our country's version of an energy policy has consisted of Americans waking up every day and wondering how much it will cost to drive to work, how much it will cost to keep their business running, how much it will cost to heat or cool their homes.
    Bob Beauprez
  • So that this thing that aired in 1963 would result a few years later in personal bankruptcy, would result in having people be on edge with me, wondering when I'm going to blow up.
    Shelley Berman

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