What is another word for yes-man?

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[ jˈɛsmˈan], [ jˈɛsmˈan], [ j_ˈɛ_s_m_ˈa_n]

A 'yes-man' refers to someone who always agrees with others, even if they disagree with them. This is a term commonly used in offices and corporate settings where people who do not provide constructive feedback are considered to be 'yes-men'. Some synonyms for 'yes-man' include sycophant, flatterer, lapdog, lackey, follower, and puppet. These words describe individuals who are subservient and are more concerned with pleasing others than expressing their own opinions. While it is important to be agreeable and considerate in a professional setting, it is equally essential to offer constructive criticism and feedback to help improve the quality of work.

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How to use "Yes-man" in context?

When someone is a yes-man, they tend to do anything and everything their superiors or boss asks of them in order to avoid conflict or confrontation. This can often times be counterproductive and actually end up causing more problems than before. A yes-man only becomes a problem when they start to feel like they are the only one capable of meeting the demands of their position, which can lead to them taking on too much and not taking enough of a LISTENING attitude.

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