What is another word for babbitt?

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[ bˈabɪt], [ bˈabɪt], [ b_ˈa_b_ɪ_t]

Babbitt is a term used for a person who is conformist and conventional. Synonyms for babbitt include conformist, conservative, traditionalist, follower, conformer, traditionalist and unadventurous. A person who is labeled as a babbitt is often seen as lacking any originality or individuality. They are perceived to be stuck in their ways and unwilling to embrace change or new ideas. Instead, they prefer to conform to the norms of society and follow the established rules and traditions. Although some may view babbitts as being boring or dull, they are valued for their reliability and predictability.

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How to use "Babbitt" in context?

In "babbitt," Sinclair Lewis created a naive, yet disillusioned, city man who is quickly swept up in the consumer culture around him. This culture is a whirlwind of flashy new cars and houses, but it ultimately leaves babbitt feeling used, empty and unfulfilled.

In the novel, babbitt is always looking for something new to shock and impress him. He is constantly climbing the ladder of success, but the more he accumulates, the more hollow he feels. One of the biggest symbols of this emptiness is babbitt's relationship with his daughter.

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