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[ɐtɹˈakʃən], [ɐtɹˈakʃən], [ɐ_t_ɹ_ˈa_k_ʃ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Attraction:

attraction (noun)

affinity, allure, allurement, appeal, attractiveness, charm, draw, enticement, fascination, gravitation, lure, magnetism, pull, temptation, traction.

Other synonyms and related words:

E, absorbance, acceptability, accord, adduction, admiration, adoration, adulation, advantage, affection, agacerie, agreeability, agreeable, agritourism, allectation, allective, alluring, amenity, amiability, amity, amplitude, amulet, appealing, appreciation, ardour, arouse, asset, atomic power, attachment, attract, attractability, attractant, attracter, attracting, attraction of gravitation, attractive, attractive feature, attractive force, attractivity, attractor, bait, balance, batch, beauteous, beautiful, beauty, beckoning, beguilement, beguiling, bent, bewitchery, bewitching, bewitchment, blandishment, blind, bond, bonding, bonny, brilliance, cajolery, call, calorific, captivating, captivation, carrot, cause, centripetal force, character, charisma, charity, charming, charmingness, chef-d'oeuvre, chemistry, come on, come-hither, comely, concord, condensation, conductivity, conductor, consideration, courier, courting, craving, crowd-pleaser, crowd-puller, decompression, decoy, delight, delightfulness, demonstration, desideratum, desirability, desire, devotion, display, disposition, draft, drag, draught, draughtsman, draughty, draw play, draw poker, drawing, drawing card, drawing power, drawing to, drayage, duende, dynamic energy, dynamic friction, dynamic suction, ecotourism, effect, elasticity, electrical attraction, electricity, electromagnetism, enchanting, enchantment, encouragement, endearment, engaging, enjoyment, entertainment, enthrallment, enticing, entrancement, entrapment, event, excite, excited, explosion, extraction, fair, fancy, fascinating, fatigue, favorite, feature, fervour, fetching, flirtation, flux, fondness, forbidden fruit, force, friendliness, friendship, frisky, fuel cell, fusion, galvanism, glamor, glamorous, glamour, glitter, glitz, goad, golden apple, gondolier, good-looking, goodly, gravitational, gravity, grounds, guide, guidebook, handsome, hankering, harm, harmony, haul, haulage, hauling, heat, heave, heaving, high-season, highlight, hobby, hobby-horse, honeyed words, hook, hooking, hot, hydraulic power, hydroelectric power, hypnotic effect, idol, imaging, impact, incentive, incitement, inclination, inducement, infatuation, influence, interest, interesting, inveiglement, invitation, inviting, invitingness, irradiation, irresistibility, it, jar, leader, leaning, leverage, likability, likable, like, likeableness, likely, liking, link, live circuit, live rail, live wire, loadstone, lodestone, longing, loss leader, lot, lovability, love, lovely, maggot, magic, magnet, magnetic, magnetic attraction, magnetic force, masterpiece, mecca, mesmeric, mesmerism, momentum, motivating force, motivation, motive, mutual attraction, nuclear power, obsession, one-track mind, partiality, passion, penchant, performance, persuasion, piëce de, plant, pleasing, pleasure, point, potential energy, predilection, preference, premium, prepossessing, presentation, pressure, prestige, pretty, proclivity, prod, propulsion, provocation, provocative, provocativeness, prurience, pruriency, pulchritude, pulchritudinous, pulling, pulling power, pulling towards, randy, rapture, rationale, reaction, reason, regard, relish, repulsion, repulsive, requirement, resistance, revulsion, reward, seducement, seduction, seductive, seductiveness, show, sight, sightly, simpatico, siren, siren song, snare, snaring, solar energy, solar panels, solar power, solicitation, sorcery, speciality, specialty, spectacle, spell, spur, standoff, static, static cling, static electricity, stimulation, stimulus, stool-pigeon, strength, sublimation, sympathy, taking, tantalization, tantalizing, taste, teasing, tempting, tendency, tenderness, thermonuclear power, tidal power, tie, torque, tourist, towage, towing, tractive power, transmission, trap, tug, tug-of-war, tugging, unobjectionableness, upthrust, urge, vector, vis inertiae, vis mortua, vis viva, voltaic electricity, voltaism, want, warmth, water power, wave, weakness, well-traveled, whim, whimsey, whimsy, wind power, winning, winning ways, winsomeness, wish, witchcraft, witchery, wooing, yearning.

Rhymes for Attraction:

  1. infraction, subtraction, reaction, extraction, inaction, retraction, transaction;
  2. faction, traction, fraction, action;
  3. contraction, distraction, diffraction, abstraction;
  4. satisfaction, liquefaction, interaction;
  5. dissatisfaction;

Quotes for Attraction:

  1. A powerful attraction exists, therefore, to the promotion of a study and of duties of all others engrossing the time most completely, and which is less benefited than most others by any acquaintance with science. Charles Babbage.
  2. Yes, the companionship is amazing. You know, you can get that physical attraction that happens is great, but then there's an awful lot of time and the rest of the day that you have to fill. Vince Gill.
  3. The attraction and my particular participation is in being able to communicate with my fans, answer their questions, get a feel for how they respond to Vader. David Prowse.