What is another word for medicament?

Pronunciation: [mˈɛdɪkəmənt] (IPA)

Medicament is a word used to describe a drug or medicine that is used to cure an illness or disease. There are numerous synonyms for the term 'medicament', including medication, drug, remedy, medicine, pharmaceutical, cure, therapy, treatment, and remedy. These words are commonly used interchangeably in medical and healthcare settings to describe any type of substance or treatment that is used to improve health and alleviate symptoms. Each of these terms has a specific nuance or connotation attached to it, which may make it more appropriate in certain contexts or situations. For instance, medication may refer to a specific prescription or over-the-counter drug, whereas remedy implies a traditional or homeopathic treatment.

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The antonyms for the word "medicament" are numerous but some of the most common include non-medical, non-therapeutic, non-pharmaceutical, and non-curative. Medicaments are substances, whether natural or synthetic, that are used for medical purposes, such as treating or preventing diseases. Non-medical substances, on the other hand, are not intended for medicinal use, and they may include things like food, water, or cosmetic products. Non-therapeutic substances are those that are not used to treat or cure diseases, but instead may be used for other purposes, such as for relaxation or recreation. Non-pharmaceutical substances refer to those that are not produced by the pharmaceutical industry, while non-curative substances do not have the ability to heal or cure a disease.

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Usage examples for Medicament

To imagine that the same mode of procedure, or "method," is applicable to all voices, is as unreasonable as to expect that the same medicament will apply to all maladies.
"Style in Singing"
W. E. Haslam
"If Tabacco," he says, "were used physically and with discretion there were no medicament in the worlde comparable to it"; and again: "In Tabacco there is nothing which is not medicine, the root, the stalke, the leaves, the seeds, the smoake, the ashes."
"The Social History of Smoking"
G. L. Apperson
There was a cheerful warmth everywhere; the air was like an elixir; the pungent smell of a pine-tree at the door gave a kind of medicament to the indrawn breath.
"Northern Lights"
Gilbert Parker

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