What is another word for bagging?

Pronunciation: [bˈaɡɪŋ] (IPA)

Bagging is a word that can be used in a variety of different contexts, from grocery store shopping to backpacking. Fortunately, there are many different synonyms for bagging that can be used in these different situations. Some possible synonyms for bagging include packing, pouching, sacking, and stowing. In the context of grocery shopping, you might use the synonyms bagging, packing, or sacking. When it comes to backpacking, you might use the synonyms stowing or packing. No matter what word you choose, remember that the important thing is to communicate clearly and effectively so that your message is understood by others.

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Usage examples for Bagging

Some of them were going to make a lean-to of boughs and bagging, or of oilskins before night, and some were going for stores to the Port, or to the new township that was springing up about the Wirree river.
"The Pioneers"
Katharine Susannah Prichard
He stumbled across the room to the far end where a screen of brushwood and bagging against the back of the shanty made another small room.
"The Pioneers"
Katharine Susannah Prichard
By noon we had traversed and re-traversed in line the upper lands and low lands, bagging 98 brace, and then in the glare of the mid-day we took shelter in the shade of a yellow-wood tree.
"Tales from the Veld"
Ernest Glanville

Famous quotes with Bagging

  • If everyone is wise as almost all consider or show themselves to be through their attitude towards anyone , then wondering as how a person who is not actually nice to others could easily rise to the topmost position, flies often and even seen bagging big awards and prize but none could realize it beforehand until s/he gets exposed by someone as witnessed often in the past.
    Anuj Somany
  • The pleasure of receiving the rank and rise to a deserving person is in bagging it without asking and not getting it by begging.
    Anuj Somany
  • The reputation is not essentially built by earning too much, learning too many things, achieving awards, bagging rewards or catapulting position to the hilt; but by unquestionably staying simple, humble , well grounded and doing nothing that makes own conscience to feel guilt.
    Anuj Somany
  • Whenever I meet Ukridge’s Aunt Julia I have the same curious illusion of having just committed some particularly unsavoury crime and—what is more—of having done it with swollen hands, enlarged feet, and trousers bagging at the knee on a morning when I had omitted to shave.
    P. G. Wodehouse

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