What is another word for remedial?

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Remedial refers to something that is intended to correct or improve a problem or deficiency. There are a number of synonyms for remedial that can be useful in different contexts. Some of these synonyms include corrective, reparative, rehabilitative, curative, therapeutic, restorative, ameliorative, and healing. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation, but they are all related to the idea of making something better or more effective. Whether you are dealing with a learning disability, a physical injury, or a psychological issue, these synonyms can help you communicate the idea of working to address the problem and find a solution.

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How to use "Remedial" in context?

There is a lot of talk about "remedial" when it comes to education - what it is, what it is not, and what to do about it. To start with, remedial education is typically reserved for students who have fallen behind in their classes and need help catching up.

Some people see remedial classes as a way to keep students from graduating high school without the requisite skills and knowledge. Others feel that the classes should be available to all students, regardless of their academic standing, to give them a chance to catch up.

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