What is another word for arts and crafts?

Pronunciation: [ˈɑːts and kɹˈafts] (IPA)

Arts and crafts are creative and enjoyable activities that involve making something with your hands. Many terms can be used as synonyms for the phrase "arts and crafts." For example, handicrafts are one type of handmade craft, while DIY (Do It Yourself) projects involve creating something from scratch. Similarly, artisanal products refer to items that are made by skilled craftsmen, and folk art describes traditional crafts made by indigenous cultures. Other terms that can be used as synonyms for arts and crafts include crafting, artisanship, and handiwork. Regardless of the terminology used, arts and crafts are a great way to express creativity and relax.

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What are the hypernyms for Arts and crafts?

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Famous quotes with Arts and crafts

  • I like doing arts and crafts, so I would probably go to one of those fun little ceramic places and go paint some plates and do something fun like that.
    Christina Milian

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