What is another word for balance of trade?

Pronunciation: [bˈaləns ɒv tɹˈe͡ɪd] (IPA)

Balance of trade is often referred to as the difference between a country's exports and imports in a given period. There are several synonyms for this term such as trade balance, net exports, trade surplus and trade deficit. Trade balance and net exports refer to the same concept as balance of trade, which is the difference between a country's exports and imports. Trade surplus describes a situation where a country exports more than it imports, while trade deficit refers to a situation where a country imports more than it exports. Regardless of the term used, a positive balance of trade suggests that a country's economy is strong, while a negative balance suggests weakness.

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  • Courteous love was avowedly a form of drama, but not the less a force of society. Illusion for illusion, courteous love in Thibaut's hands, or in the hands of Dante and Petrarch, was as substantial as any other convention;— the balance of trade, the rights of man, the Athanasian Creed. In that sense the illusions alone were real; if the middle-ages had reflected only what was practical, nothing would have survived for us.
    Henry Adams

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