What is another word for initial?

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The term "initial" means the first or beginning step of something, and there are various synonyms for this word. Some of them include "primary," "incipient," "first," "commencing," "inaugural," "foundational," "opening," "preliminary," and "incipient." Some other similar words that can also be used instead of "initial" include "elemental," "fundamental," "basic," "rudimentary," "starting," and "early." Each of these synonyms may mean slightly different things depending on the context in which they are used, but they all suggest the start or first phase of something. Regardless of the synonym used, it is important to always understand the exact meaning to ensure clear communication.

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How to use "Initial" in context?

When we hear the word "initial," what comes to mind? For many people, it may be a capital letter at the beginning of a word, or the first letter of a word. But what exactly is an initial?

An initial is the first letter of a word. It's also the first letter of a name. For example, Jonathan's name starts with the letter J.

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