What is another word for carbon paper?

Pronunciation: [kˈɑːbən pˈe͡ɪpə] (IPA)

Carbon paper has been used for decades as a simple tool for creating duplicate copies of written or typed documents. However, there are a number of synonyms that people can use to refer to this versatile product. One common term is "copy paper", which accurately describes its function as a way to quickly make copies of important papers. Another term, "transfer paper", emphasizes the fact that it can be used to transfer ink or graphite from one sheet to another. Some people may also refer to carbon paper as "tracing paper" due to its usefulness in tracing drawings or designs onto other surfaces. Though these terms may be used interchangeably, they all refer to the same type of paper that continues to be a valuable tool in many workplaces and creative endeavors.

Synonyms for Carbon paper:

What are the hypernyms for Carbon paper?

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