What is another word for hang on?

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When we say "hang on," we typically mean to wait or stay in a particular position. However, there are plenty of synonyms for this common phrase that can add variety to your vocabulary. Instead of saying "hang on," you could try using phrases like "hold on," "wait a moment," "stay put," or "keep calm." Other options include "bear with me," "be patient," "don't go anywhere," or "stay right where you are." Depending on the situation, you may also want to use phrases like "just a second," "one moment please," or "let me finish this first." No matter which synonym you choose to use, it's always a good idea to vary your language to keep things interesting.

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    Hang on is a phrasal verb that means to wait, hold on, or remain attached. Its antonyms include letting go, giving up, and releasing. Other antonyms for hang on are abandon, surrender, and relinquish. To abandon means to desert or forsake someone or something. Surrender means to give up control or possession of something. Relinquish means to let go or release one's hold on something. By using these antonyms, one can convey the opposite of what hang on means. Knowing antonyms is useful in enhancing one's writing and communication skills as it allows one to express ideas more effectively.

    What are the antonyms for Hang on?

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