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The word bail has a number of synonyms, all of which convey the idea of freeing someone from custody. One such synonym is release, which suggests that the person is being let go from confinement or detention. Another synonym is emancipation, which implies that the person is being set free from some form of bondage or oppression. Additionally, the word liberation is often used as a synonym for bail, indicating that the person is being granted freedom from an unjust or oppressive situation. Other synonyms for bail include discharge, parole, and exculpation, which all imply some form of legal or ethical absolution.

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    What is bail?

    Bail is a procedure by which someone who is accused of a crime is allowed to leave custody before their trial. Generally, the person who can pay the bailات is Released from custody, while the person who cannot pay is kept in custody.

    How is bail calculated?

    Bail is calculated by multiplying the inmate's bails bonds amount by the applicable penalty assessment multiplier.

    Why is bail an important part of the American criminal justice system?

    Bail allows accused persons the opportunity to posting bail and seek the privileges and protections that a posted bond provides.

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