What is another word for baste?

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The word "baste" is often associated with cooking and refers to the process of adding moisture to meat while it is being roasted or grilled. Some common synonyms for "baste" include brush, drizzle, moisten, and marinate. Another synonym that is often used in cooking is "glaze," which involves applying a sweet or savory mixture to the surface of food in order to add flavor and texture. Other synonyms for "baste" can be found in various contexts, such as "stitch" or "sew" in sewing, and "moisten" or "lubricate" in industrial settings. Overall, the term "baste" can be replaced by many different words that imply the action of adding or applying something to a surface.

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    Baste, which typically means to sew with long, loose stitches, has several antonyms depending on its context. In cooking, the opposite of basting is to dry roast, which is to cook food without added liquid or fat. Similarly, the antonym of basting in sewing can be backstitching or finishing, which is when you sew over your initial stitch to secure it without using large, loose stitches. Additionally, in hunting, the term "still hunting" can be an antonym of basting in the sense that basting typically involves capturing an animal while still hunting involves tracking and following an animal to capture it. Thus, antonyms of basting can vary in meaning depending on the context.

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    For fear of a big baste of a cat which may chance to score our backs, if she doesn't treat us worse than that.
    "Paddy Finn"
    W. H. G. Kingston
    So when the morning came, I knew that I could overtake yer honour and Maisther Terence by making my baste move along after the trial was over.
    "Paddy Finn"
    W. H. G. Kingston
    If I catch m'self thinkin' aanythin' sauncy ov that aul haythen baste I'll change m' name!
    "My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
    Alexander Irvine

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