What is another word for Construed?

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When interpreting a text, the word "construed" might come to mind. However, if you're looking for alternative words, there are plenty of synonyms at your disposal. For example, "interpreted" is a close match, as is "understood." You could also consider "concluded," "inferred," or "decided." Other options include "derived," "elaborated," "deduced," "explained," and "explicated." Your choice of synonym will depend on the context of your sentence, but in any case, be sure to choose a word that accurately reflects the meaning of the text you're working with.

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    How to use "Construed" in context?

    Construed is a critically acclaimed independent game developer founded in 2009 by industry veterans Matt Kimball and David Rosen. Across their six games, they have perfected a streamlined process for developing content and systems, with a heavy emphasis on player feedback and refinement. "We want to make games that players will come back to and enjoy for many years," Matt says.

    Based in San Francisco, Construed is distributed by 505 Games and has had multiple sales offers from other leading game publishers. They are currently developing their first title for a console platform.

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