What is another word for envisioned?

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Envisioned is a commonly used verb in the English language, but there are a number of synonyms you can use to add some variety to your writing. Consider using "imagined" to indicate that a mental picture was created or "conceived" to indicate that an idea was born. You might also use "visualized" if you want to indicate that a specific image or scenario was brought to mind. "Projected" can be a great way to describe an imagined future outcome, while "contemplated" might be more appropriate to indicate deep thinking and reflection. Other options include "planned," "conjured," "envisioned," and "fancied".

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How to use "Envisioned" in context?

The word "envision" derives from the Latin verb meaning "to see in the mind's eye." From this root, we get "visionary" and "imaginative." Envisioning is the process of creating a mental image of what could be, and often leads to solutions to problems. When you envision something, you are allowing your mind to put itself in somebody else's shoes, to step into the future and create possibilities.

The power of envisioning is demonstrated in idioms such as "beyond belief.

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