What is another word for realised?

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[ ɹˈi͡əla͡ɪzd], [ ɹˈi‍əla‍ɪzd], [ ɹ_ˈiə_l_aɪ_z_d]

Realised, a term commonly used when one becomes aware of something, can also be expressed using different words. Synonyms of realised include recognized, understood, comprehended, grasped, and perceived. Each of these words conveys the same message as realised but in a different way. Recognised refers to the acknowledgment of something previously encountered, understood indicates a deeper level of comprehension, grasped suggests a solid understanding, and perceived relates to the use of senses to comprehend something. Utilizing synonyms like these can improve our communication skills and help us express ourselves more effectively. It is crucial to know a variety of words with similar meanings to avoid repetition and expand our vocabulary.

How to use "Realised" in context?

Realisation is a moment when you finally see the truth about something. It can be a revelation about yourself, or about the world around you. Sometimes, it can be a difficult process, but it's always worth it in the end.

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