What is another word for de fault?

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[ də fˈɒlt], [ də fˈɒlt], [ d_ə f_ˈɒ_l_t]

Default is a term used in multiple contexts, and fortunately, the English language provides a variety of synonyms for it. In financial contexts, default can be used as a shorthand term for bankruptcy, insolvency, or delinquency. In computer programming, default refers to the system's automatic setting or pre-set condition. Synonyms for default in this context can include standard, preset or automatic. Additionally, in legal terms, default implies failure to appear, which means the jury or court will issue a ruling against the defendant. Alternatives for this could be neglect, nonappearance, or absence. In general, these synonyms for default can be useful to reduce redundancy in writing or to use the appropriate terminology in a particular context.

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    Synonyms for De fault:

    How to use "De fault" in context?

    When we talk about 'de fault', what we usually mean is that someone or something is to blame for an event or problem. This could be something as simple as a cup of coffee spilling on your laptop, or as serious as someone stealing your car. De fault usually refers to who is to blame for an event, and not the event itself.

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