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Flout is a verb that means to disdain, show contempt or disregard, for instance, a law or social customs. Other synonyms for the word flout include ridicule, scoff, mock, sneer, defy, contravene, disobey, and violate. In the context of language, flouting the rules of grammar could lead to a sentence being considered incorrect. Similarly, disregarding traffic regulations could be considered as flouting the law. Synonyms such as sneer or ridicule depict a sense of scorn or contempt, while words like violate or contravene describe a sense of rebellion or defiance. Flout can therefore be used in a range of contexts where rules or customs are ignored.

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How to use "Flout" in context?

The word "flout" comes from Old French and means "to blow out (a candle), to despise, to slight." These days, the word is less formal and is used to describe acts that go against societal norms, or that are considered unrespectful.

One way to flout norms is to dress in a style that is not typically worn in that particular culture. For example, a person might wear a hoodie and ripped jeans to a formal ball, in defiance of the dress code. Flouting societal expectations can also take the form of speaking out against what is considered proper etiquette.

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