What is another word for deflexion?

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[ dɪflˈɛkʃən], [ dɪflˈɛkʃən], [ d_ɪ_f_l_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_ə_n]

The word deflexion is used to denote a particular type of deviation or a bend in a path. However, there are numerous synonyms for this word that one can use interchangeably. Alternate terms include diversion, deviation, bend, turn, curve, detour, deflection, deviation, and more. Each of these words implies a change in direction or course, or an alteration from the expected path. For instance, a signpost indicating a bend ahead can replace the word deflexion, or a map might describe a detour from the main road as an alternative. Regardless of which term you choose, each will highlight a change in the direction of travel.

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    Usage examples for Deflexion

    In these old times, the estimated or computed mile seems to have been about one and a half of our present statute mile, which would make the entire distance 322 statute miles; and allowing one quarter far deflexion and mountain road, reduces the inland distance of Zenau from Mokha to 242 miles, nearly the same already mentioned in a note, on the authority of our best modern maps.
    "A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. VIII."
    Robert Kerr
    But up to sixty yards the lateral deflexion from wind is negligible; past this it may amount to three or four feet.
    "Hunting with the Bow and Arrow"
    Saxton Pope
    I see now of course how far, with my complications, I got away from Gyp; but I see to-day so much else too that this particular deflexion from simplicity makes scarce a figure among the others after having once served its purpose, I mean, of lighting my original imitative innocence.
    "The Awkward Age"
    Henry James

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