What is another word for deflower?

Pronunciation: [dɪflˈa͡ʊə] (IPA)

Deflower is a term used to describe the act of taking away a woman's virginity. Although it is considered a derogatory term and should be avoided, there are several alternatives that can be used instead. Some common synonyms for deflower include "take her innocence," "break in," "initiate," "seduce," "debut," "ruin," "consummate," and "penetrate." It is important to note, however, that the language we use to describe sexual acts should always be respectful and consensual, and we should strive to avoid any language that may be harmful or upsetting. Even though we may not always use words that are ideal, we should be aware of our language and how it may affect others.

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What are the hypernyms for Deflower?

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What are the opposite words for deflower?

Deflower means to take away someone's virginity. It has a negative connotation and is often used in the context of forcing someone into sexual activity against their will. Antonyms of deflower, on the other hand, imply the preservation of innocence, the idea of being pure and untouched. Some antonyms of deflower include prim, proper, innocent, spotless, and untouched. These words paint a picture of virginity and chastity. Although these words don't seem to be strong, they convey a powerful message of the importance of respecting an individual's choice and promoting a culture of nonviolence.

What are the antonyms for Deflower?

Usage examples for Deflower

Now will I hence to seek my lovely Moor, And let my spleenful sons this trull deflower.
Shakespeare, William
And there is, of course, a particularly noxious type of travelling Briton, who does his best, unconsciously, to deflower his country wherever he goes.
"Another Sheaf"
John Galsworthy
A spate of bees, early colonizers deflower blossoms and strip-mine lava butter of erupting hard-shell tulips: such careless penetrations- volcanic intrusions entomb their hairy bodies caked with the iron-lung of blackened soot petals, each a cough drop on the heaving breath of a declining afternoon.
Paul Cameron Brown

Famous quotes with Deflower

  • Virginity is the ideal of those who want to deflower.
    Karl Kraus

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