What is another word for in creases?

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The phrase "in creases" means to have lines or wrinkles on a surface, typically on fabric or paper. Synonyms for "in creases" include "folds," "wrinkles," "crumples," "creases," "pleats," "rumples," "puckers," "ridges," "waves," "corrugations," and "crinkles." These words can convey various degrees and types of wrinkling depending on the context. For example, "pleats" and "creases" suggest intentional and neat folding, while "rumples" and "crumples" imply a messier or more spontaneous wrinkling. "Wave" and "ridge" may refer to a more irregular or organic pattern of creasing, while "corrugation" suggests a ridged or grooved texture.

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What are the hypernyms for In creases?

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What are the opposite words for in creases?

The term "in creases" refers to the ridges and folds on a surface. Its antonyms, on the other hand, describe flatness and smoothness. Words such as "flat", "level", "smooth", "even", and "plain" are all antonyms of "in creases". These words are often used to describe surfaces that are opposite to the crumpled and folded texture of creases. While creases may be desirable in some materials like fabric, it is often unwanted on other surfaces like paper, skin or woodworking. Antonyms of "in creases" may feature in the process of ironing, sanding or polishing surfaces to achieve their smooth texture.

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