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Blurring refers to the act of making something unclear or indistinct. There are various synonyms for the term blurring, such as smudging, obscuring, distorting, fuzzing, and clouding. The word smudging means the action of making something blurred by rubbing or smearing it. Obscuring refers to the act of covering or hiding something from view. Distorting is the action of altering the appearance of something by changing its shape or form. Fuzzing is when something appears unclear or hazy due to its softness. Lastly, clouding refers to the action of making something unclear or making it hard to see due to being obscured by layers of something else. In essence, these synonyms can replace the word blurring to facilitate a better understanding of a text.

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How to use "Blurring" in context?

When light hits an object, it creates an image on our retina. Our brains work hard to reconstruct that image and display it on our screen. This process is known as imaging.

Every time we create an image, we are Blurring it. When we look at a photograph, for example, the individual pixels that make up the image have been blurred together because our eyes can't actually see them individually.

In digital photography, blurring is used to create a smoother image. This is done by averaging out the pixels in an image to create a smoother result.

There are a number of reasons you might want to blur an image.

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