What is another word for slackening?

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The word "slackening" refers to a decrease in intensity or pace. Synonyms for this word include slowing down, easing up, loosening, lessening, weakening, reducing, and relaxing. If you want to express a change from an active state to a less active one, you could use words like tapering off, diminishing, cooling down, or dying down. If you want to express a reduction in effort or attention, you could use words like letting up, dropping off, or slacking off. Regardless of how you choose to express it, these synonyms all convey a sense of decreasing intensity or pace.

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    Slackening is a term used to describe a decrease in performance due to reduced effort. Slack refers to the extra energy that is left over after a physical or mental effort. Slack is used to power the body during exercise and to store energy for later use. Your muscles store slack when they are not working hard and need to rebuild their energy. Slack also allows your body to recover quickly from physical or mental challenges.

    Due to our lifestyles, many of us have difficulty regulating our slack. We often rely on stimulants and external cues (e.g. screens, music, etc.) to keep us moving.

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