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Diseased is a word used to describe a person or organism that is suffering from a medical condition or ailment. Synonyms for diseased include afflicted, ill, sick, ailing, unwell, unhealthy, and poorly. These words can also be used to refer to an area or object that is contaminated or damaged, such as diseased tissue or plants. Other synonyms for diseased may include infected, contagious, bacterially or virally affected, or simply unclean. When describing the impact of a disease on a person or community, synonyms may include devastating, lethal, or destructive. Ultimately, the choice of synonym depends on the context and intended tone of the message.

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How to use "Diseased" in context?

The word "disease" has multiple meanings. It can be used to describe any condition that harms or . It's often used to describe something that can make someone ill, such as a cold or the flu. People often use the word "disease" to describe things that are bad for them, such as when someone says "I have a disease of the ."

Sometimes people use the word "disease" to describe themselves. For example, a person might say "I have a disease of anger.

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