What is another word for unsanitary?

Pronunciation: [ʌnsˈanɪtəɹi] (IPA)

Unsanitary essentially means dirty or unclean. There are many synonyms that can be used instead of unsanitary. Some of these synonyms are unsanitized, unhygienic, foul, filthy, contaminated, squalid, and germ-infested. These words convey the same meaning as unsanitary and can be used interchangeably. Unsanitized refers to a situation where cleaning or sanitization has not been carried out. Unhygienic refers to conditions that are not conducive to maintaining good health. Foul means a situation that is unpleasant. Filthy refers to a condition that is covered with dirt or soil. Contaminated means that something is polluted or impure. Squalid refers to a situation that is dirty and unpleasant. Finally, germ-infested means that something is populated by germs or bacteria.

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What are the opposite words for unsanitary?

Unsanitary is a negative term used to describe something that lacks cleanliness or is not hygienic. Antonyms for unsanitary include sterile, clean, sanitized, hygienic, and immaculate. These terms represent the exact opposite of unsanitary and describe something that is free from dirt, contamination, and disease-causing germs. Sterile refers to something that is completely devoid of any living organisms or germs. Clean denotes something that has been washed, wiped, or disinfected, and is free from dirt and grime. Sanitized means something that has been cleaned thoroughly and treated with chemicals to remove harmful bacteria. A hygienic environment is one that promotes cleanliness and reduces the risk of infection. Immaculate refers to something that is completely clean, spotless, and without any blemish.

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Usage examples for Unsanitary

Trench life is anything but pleasant, yet it is infinitely more conducive to confidence, courage, and enthusiasm than the rat-like existence of the Germans in foul-smelling, ill-lighted, unsanitary burrows far beneath the surface of the ground.
"Italy at War and the Allies in the West"
E. Alexander Powell
This rather unsanitary-appearing trick was essential, since saliva is an excellent antifogging compound needed to help keep the glass clear underwater.
"The Wailing Octopus"
Harold Leland Goodwin
What you call atmosphere these people avoid as they would an unsanitary odor.
"Aurora the Magnificent"
Gertrude Hall

Famous quotes with Unsanitary

  • Life's dirty. Life's unclean you know. It's birth, it's sex, it's the intestinal tract. One big squishy, unsanitary mess. It never gets any cleaner either. You know, dust to dust, worms crawl in, worms crawl out, right Even though we know that, we still walk the walk, we still live the life. We're like a bunch of little kids. Little kids, you know, we jump in this big old pond of mud and we're slapping it all over our face, rubbing our hair all down our backs and we're making these glorious, gooey, mud pies. That's us.
    Andrew Schneider
  • This leads me of course to at least mention here the cruel methods used in the slaughtering of animals and fowls for human consumption. The creatures are treated as if they possessed no feeling or consciousness of their own - and such attitudes show a most unfortunate misreading of natural events. As a direct result, at least as many diseases develop through such procedures as would exist in a highly primitive society with unsanitary conditions.
    Jane Roberts
  • In some respects, Nero was ahead of his time. He boiled his drinking water to remove the impurities and cooled it with unsanitary ice to put them back in. He renamed the month of April after himself, calling it Neroneus, but the idea never caught on because April is not Neroneus and there is no use pretending that it is. During his reign of fourteen years, the outlying provinces are said to have prospered. They were farther away.
    Will Cuppy

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