What is another word for septic?

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Septic is an adjective that is often associated with contaminated or infected matter. It can also refer to a system of sewage disposal that uses a septic tank. Related synonyms include infected, poisonous, untreatable, unsanitary, diseased, insanitary, and contaminated. Some other synonyms of septic may include noxious, putrid, vile, foul, dirty, toxic, lethal, and rotten. Generally, the synonyms for septic are negative and describe something that is harmful or dangerous. It is important to use proper synonyms while communicating in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Synonyms for Septic:

How to use "Septic" in context?

"septic" is a word that describes a system of underground drainage that is used to remove sewage. Septic systems are used in homes and businesses.

Most septic systems use gravity to remove clean water, sewage, and fecal coliform bacteria from the drainage system. The clean water is then routed to a storm drain or waterways. Fecal coliform bacteria is a type of bacteria that is present in feces and can be used to monitor the quality of a sewage system.

Septic tanks can hold many gallons of wastewater and can spill if the system is not properly maintained.

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