What is another word for unwholesome?

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[ ʌnhˈə͡ʊlsʌm], [ ʌnhˈə‍ʊlsʌm], [ ʌ_n_h_ˈəʊ_l_s_ʌ_m]

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What does unwholesome mean?

Synonyms for Unwholesome:

How to use "Unwholesome" in context?

Although technically not a word, "unwholesome" is one of the most commonly used words to describe something that is not good for you. It is often used to describe things that are unhealthy, harmful, or even illegal. There is no hard and fast definition of what constitutes an "unwholesome" item, but the general consensus is that anything that is not in line with mainstream, moral values is unwholesome. So, anything that is harmful to your health, dangerous, or illegal is likely to be considered unwholesome.

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