What is another word for toxic?

Pronunciation: [tˈɒksɪk] (IPA)

Toxicity is a term used to describe the degree to which a substance can cause harm to living organisms. Synonyms for toxic include poisonous, noxious, harmful, venomous, deadly, and lethal. Poisonous refers to a substance that can cause harm if swallowed or inhaled. Noxious refers to a substance that is harmful and unpleasant to the senses. Harmful refers to a substance that can cause physical or emotional damage. Venomous refers to toxins that are injected into the body by animals, such as snakes and spiders. Deadly and lethal both refer to substances that are capable of causing death. It is important to understand the synonyms of toxic to properly communicate the danger of certain substances.

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What are the opposite words for toxic?

Toxic is a word used commonly to describe substances or attitudes that can cause harm or even death. Antonyms for the word toxic would then be terms that refer to things or people with positive attributes. Some examples of antonyms for toxic include wholesome, nourishing, beneficial, delightful, healthy, and harmless. These words describe things that add value to life and contribute to the wellness of the environment or individuals. Incorporating such terms into our vocabulary can help create a more positive outlook on life and promote healthier relationships with ourselves and others.

Usage examples for Toxic

She had led a poisoned life, in a narrow rut of existence, and toxic emotions had become as her native atmosphere of mind.
"An Alabaster Box"
Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley
We can watch very well indeed the effects of carbonic oxide, which poisons the blood, but many other poisons no longer produce their characteristic symptoms; nevertheless, it is of the highest importance to show medical students the effects of certain formidable toxic substances.
"The Pros and Cons of Vivisection"
Charles Richet Commentator: W. D. Halliburton
Is it to prohibit all experiments on toxic actions?
"The Pros and Cons of Vivisection"
Charles Richet Commentator: W. D. Halliburton

Famous quotes with Toxic

  • Rather, for all objects and experiences, there is a quantity that has optimum value. Above that quantity, the variable becomes toxic. To fall below that value is to be deprived.
    Gregory Bateson
  • There are few things as toxic as a bad metaphor. You can't think without metaphors.
    Mary Catherine Bateson
  • Fantasy is toxic: the private cruelty and the world war both have their start in the heated brain.
    Elizabeth Bowen
  • Furthermore, both Pennsylvania and New Jersey Departments of Environmental Protection have evaluated the sediment to be dredged and also found it to be not toxic.
    Robert A. Brady
  • Fluorine has a protecting action against caries, but this is a local effect. If you drink it, you are running the risk of all kinds of toxic actions.
    Arvid Carlsson

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