What is another word for dragnet?

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Dragnet is a term that typically represents a method of hunting or capturing something or someone. There exist several synonyms for this term that can be used interchangeably, based on the intended context. Some of the commonly used synonyms for dragnet include trawl, snare, net, trap, haul, catch, sweep, and search. These terms are often used to describe diverse scenarios, for instance, a police search of a building, a fisherman's trawl of fish from water, or an operation to capture fugitives from their hideouts. Irrespective of the context, these synonyms serve the same purpose as dragnet. Therefore, their usage is mandated by the context of the situation being described.

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    Many people use the term "dragnet" to describe a type of electronic surveillance in which authorities obtain electronic data collections by automatically pulling communications from without consent. In contrast, the term "snooper's charter" is typically used to describe a proposed British law that would grant government authorities broad powers to access any electronic data, with no requirement for a warrant.

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines a dragnet as "A net spread widely over the surface of water for catching fish." This etymology is likely based on the traditional use of nets as fishing devices.

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