What is another word for abduction?

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Abduction means the act of forcibly taking someone away against their will. Some synonyms for "abduction" are kidnapping, snatching, seizure, capture, hijacking, and taking hostage. These words all share the same meaning, but they can often be used to describe different situations. For example, "kidnapping" is commonly used to describe the act of taking a child or a ransom, while "hijacking" is used to describe stealing a vehicle or an airplane. "Taking hostage" often implies holding someone captive as a bargaining chip, while "capture" and "seizure" can apply to both people and things. Overall, these synonyms can be useful for adding variety to your writing or describing different types of abductions.

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    When something clicks in someone's mind, they act on that impulse. This could be anything from picking up a pencil to killing someone. It's a process that often unfolds without any conscious consideration. It's a drive that we all have, and it's often what makes us who we are. When the abduction drive takes over an individual, they can be transformed into a different person. They may act impulsively or boldly, without any regard for the danger involved. When this happens, they are in the grips of an abduction.

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