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A chapter is a section of a book that contains a specific topic or set of ideas. Synonyms for chapter include section, part, episode, segment, installment, portion, division, and phase. Section refers to a part of a book or document that is distinct from the rest. Part is a piece or division of a larger whole. Episode is a distinct section of a book that typically follows a particular narrative. Segment and installment denote a part of a whole that is divided into smaller sections. Portion refers to a part of the book or document that is assigned to a specific subject. Division and phase refer to a section of a book that is divided into smaller segments.

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    A chapter is a specific length of text in a book, newspaper, or other medium. It is also the name of a subdivision of a larger work, such as a section in a book, or one of the divisions of a periodical. In some cases, a chapter is a distinct unit within a larger work, while in other cases, a chapter is a part of a larger work that is not itself a chapter.

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