What is another word for at random?

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[ at ɹˈandəm], [ at ɹˈandəm], [ a_t ɹ_ˈa_n_d_ə_m]

"At random" is an expression that denotes the idea of doing something without any particular plan or purpose. This phrase can be used in various contexts such as selecting a winner from a group of people or picking a particular item from a list. Some other synonyms for this phrase are haphazard, chance, or arbitrary. Haphazard suggests that something is disorganized, without any clear structure, while chance refers to an event that's unpredictable. An arbitrary act is one that is based on personal preference rather than any objective criteria. Regardless of the context, all of these phrases convey the idea of something that's been done without any particular direction or focus.

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How to use "At random" in context?

Randomness can be really intriguing, it can make us laugh, it can make us think, it can make us change our minds, it can make us happy or sad. It is everything that makes life interesting.

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