What is another word for take part?

Pronunciation: [tˈe͡ɪk pˈɑːt] (IPA)

When it comes to participating in an event, activity or competition, there are many synonyms for the phrase "take part". Some common alternatives include, "join in", "participate", "engage in", "be involved in", "attend", "contribute to", "enter into", "compete in", "be a part of", "take place in", "play a role in", "share in", and "take on". Each of these phrases adds a unique twist to the act of participating, allowing for a more nuanced and descriptive way of expressing involvement. Whether it's taking part in a protest, playing a game or joining an initiative, the right synonym for "take part" can convey the precise meaning you're looking for.

Synonyms for Take part:

What are the hypernyms for Take part?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for take part?

Antonyms for the phrase "take part" could include "boycott," "abstain," "refrain," or "withdraw." These words imply a lack of participation or refusal to engage in a particular activity or event. In contrast, synonyms for "take part" may include "participate," "join in," "contribute," or "be involved." These words demonstrate active involvement and engagement with a particular activity or event. Depending on the context, antonyms for "take part" may be used to express a negative attitude towards an activity, while synonyms may reflect a positive or enthusiastic attitude.

Famous quotes with Take part

  • When the question arose whether I, as a member of the royal family, should take part in active combat in the Falklands, there was no question in her mind, and it only took her two days to sort the issue.
    Prince Andrew
  • But I am sure also that from a political point of view, and from a social point of view the federal link, without infringing the sovereignty of any of the nations which might take part in such as association, could be beneficial.
    Aristide Briand
  • Watergate showed more strengths in our system than weaknesses... The whole country did take part in quite a genuine sense in passing judgment on Richard Nixon.
    Archibald Cox
  • If American politics are too dirty for women to take part in, there's something wrong with American politics.
    Edna Ferber
  • I never participated in far-reaching political decisions, since I never belonged to the circle of the closest associates of Adolf Hitler, neither was I consulted by Adolf Hitler on general political questions, nor did I ever take part in conferences about such problems.
    Hans Frank

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