What is another word for bellhop?

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Bellhop, a word used to denote a hotel employee who assists guests with their luggage and other requests, has several synonyms. The first synonym for bellhop is "porter," which is often used in British English. "Doorman" is another synonym, which refers to a hotel employee who welcomes guests and opens the hotel doors for them. "Baggage attendant" is another suitable word, which implies that the employee is solely responsible for handling the bags of hotel guests. "Concierge," on the other hand, is another synonym for the bellhop, denoting an employee who helps guests make reservations for restaurants, attractions, and other activities outside the hotel.

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How to use "Bellhop" in context?

A bellhop is a staff member who assists guests in and out of hotel rooms. They are usually young, fresh-faced and articulate, and are responsible for carrying luggage, directing guests to the front desk, and more.

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